CarbonJS Filters / carbon-filter

The carbon-filter module provides a set of commonly used data filters. This means you can run your data through a set of filters after you've received user's input or before you insert data into your database. You can use it as a stand-alone module or most commonly with carbon-form module which filters form data automatically for you.

If you've ever worked with any Zend_Filter filter from the Zend Framework you will be familiar with it's sintax and if you haven't then scroll down to the "Usage" section and you'll be up-and-running in no time.


npm install carbon-filter [--save]


The carbon-filter module packs some of the most used filters which share the same interface. Each filter provides public access to the function filter which receives only one parameter and returns filtered data. Some filters have options so that you can customize it to your needs.

The function filter has the following prototype Filter.prototype.filter = function(value) and it is common to all filters. It has 1 parameter:

  • value - Input value that needs to be filtered.


var Filter = require("carbon-filter");

var stripTags = new Filter.StripTags({
    allowedTags: ["div", "span", "h1", "br"]

var inputValue = "...";
var filteredValue = stripTags.filter(inputValue);

With carbon-form

var Form = require("carbon-form");
var Filter = require("carbon-filter");

var form = new Form();

    new Form.Element.Text("name", {
        label: "Name",
        filters: [
            new Filter.StringTrim(),
            new Filter.StripTags({
                allowedTags: ["div", "span"],
                allowedAttributes: ["id", "class"]



Trims the beginning and the end of a string.


Strips HTML tags from the input. You can specify which tags or attributes you'd like to leave (if any).


  • allowedTags [Array] - Tags from the input that you want to keep in the output.
  • allowedAttributes [Array] - Attributes of HTML tags from the input that you want to keep in the output.


If you're willing to contribute to this project feel free to report issues, send pull request, write tests or simply contact me - Amir Ahmetovic


This software is available under the following licenses:

  • MIT